Don Jon is an American comedy film though based on a serious concern plaguing our modern society and individuals. Directed and written by Joseph Gordan-Levitt, the film centers around the influence porn has upon the minds, thinking and expectations of individuals mainly men in our contemporary society. You can watch Don Jon movie online for free on the internet to get waken up to this nuance destroying relationships and breeding dissatisfaction among people.



With Joseph Gordan – Levitt playing the lead role of Don Jon in this film, the movie is highly interesting and amusing to watch. The other main stars in this movie include all the famous and talented actors such as Scarlett Johansson, Julianne Moore, and Tony Danza. Cinematography is by Thomas Kloss and Kloss has been excellent in creating a fitting picture, tone and feel for the film.

If you download Don Jon movie online for free on the internet, you will see that the movie tells the story of an attractive and charming man, Jon Martello, whose friends call him Don Jon for his winning ways with attractive and good looking women. Such is the charm of this young man that he can easily pull a new young and attractive woman every week much to the envy, surprise and curosity of his friends.

Now you must be thinking that Don Jon must be a very happy man leading a very pleasurable life. If you too feel this way, watch Don Jon movie online for free on the internet to discover the truth. You will be highly surprised to know that in actual life Don Jon is a very dissatisfied and sulking man. Despite having the most attractive women by his side, his addiction to porn fails to let him enjoy the bliss of a natural woman and a good companionship.

How he learns about life and gets over his addiction with the help of two intelligent and charming women, download Don Jon movie online and watch the movie online to find for yourself. Otherwise the movie is releasing on September 27, 2013.

changed September 30, 2013